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Oak Barrels

Wine Line carefully chooses the best in the industry to provide the highest quality of French , American and Romanian oak barrels to its valued wine makers in Lebanon.

Wine Line formed a strong partnership with Saury Cooperage , the expert artisan coopers in France since 1873 , who joined the Charlois group in 2009 , thus becoming one of the most famous cooperages in France. Every one of Saury barrels is subject to rigorous quality control at every stage of production. They have developed an analysis protocol to eliminate any possibility of contaminants for every products. 

The Saury Gamme Includes: 

  • French Oak – Aromatic (24 months aging)
  • French Oak – Classic (24 months aging)
  • French Oak – Premium (30 months + aging)
  • French Oak – Ecrin American Oak
  • Accia

Additionally Wine Line , formed a strong partnership with Tonnellerie Vlad in Romania. They source their wood from three historic regions in Romania ; Transilvania, Moldovia and Wallachia. Tonnellerie Vlad’s oak barrels are made from an assembly of oak from forests along the magic 45th parallel , said to be the latitude of the world’s greatest wines.

Tonnellerie Vlad Includes:

  • Bordeaux Export
  • Chateau Tradition
  • Chateau Ferree
  • Burgendy Export
  • Burgendy Tradition
  • Large Format